We represent the following top quality brands:

Bosch Rexroth, Germany

* Industrial Hydraulics and Mobile Hydraulics
* Linear Motion Technology and Assembly Technology
* Electric Drives and Controls and Gear Technology

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Voith turbo, Germany

* Hydrodynamic Couplings
* Hydropower Technology
* Industrial Service
* Power transmission

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P-Team, Slovenia

* Lifting chains, Lifting slings
* Transport nets, Steel wire ropes
* Log chains, Lashing chains
* Hooks and Shackles
* Chain hoists and Cable pullers
* Cranes and Lifting beams

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KAMAT, Germany

* High-Pressure Plunger Pumps
* High-Pressure Valves
* High-Pressure Jetting Tools
* High-Pressure Nozzles

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AxFlow, Sweden

* Peristaltic Pumps, Gear Pumps
* Centrifugal Pumps, Eccentric screw Pumps
* Pneumatic diaphragm Pumps, Circular and Rotary Pumps
* Barrel Pumps, Metering pumps and dosing systems
* Mixers and Agitators

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Challenge PT, UK

* Chains, Sprockets
* Belts, Pulleys
* Taper bushes and Hubs
* Clamp elements
* Couplings: tyre, jaw and friction
* Torque limiters and Bearing units

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Retezy Vamberk, Czech Republic

* Roller chains
* Conveyor chains
* Sprockets
* Agriculture chains
* Motorcycle chains

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Berco, Italy

* Undercarriage products
* Track chains and Rollers
* Seal groups and Track shoes
* Idlers, sprocket and Mini undercarriage

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ŽDB, Czech Republic

* Steel wire ropes
* High carbon wire
* Low carbon wire
* Other wire products

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RUD, Germany

* Conveyors and drives
* Bucket Elevators
* TOOL MOVER for 64 tons
* Connectors for Mining
* Industrial and hoist chains

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Nord-Lock, Sweden

* Washers
* Superbolt
* Expander System
* Boltight

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